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Sumac Grove Golf Course

Sumac Grove our 3300 yard 18hole par 61 golf course is unique in the area. It was built as part of our commitment to making golf more available and more affordable. Sumac Grove successfully provides a great learning opportunity for beginners while providing a challenge to experienced golfers and an opportunity for veteran players to extend their playing years.


Twisted Pines Golf Course

Twisted Pines is our mature 5678 yard, 18 hole, par 70 golf course, with tree lined fairways, strategically places hazards and sorted mix of styles, combined to provide a challenge on every shot. A targeted approach shot, a smoothly struck putt on a subtly undulated green that rolls smoothly, peeks into the cup, and drops to create the unique sound…what a rush! as Twisted Pines becomes your "experience worth repeating".                  

Madawaska Golf Course | Located on Western Edge of Ottawa


Welcome to the Madawaska Golf Course!

Madawaska Golf and Banquet Center is located in a beautiful countryside setting on the eastern edge of  Arnprior and western edge of Ottawa in Eastern Ontario. Our friendly rural facilities matched with great food and down home service will ensure that you,  your friends and family,  will enjoy an experience that will be remembered and well worth repeating time and time again. 
As a family owned and operated business we are committed to providing an enjoyable experience each and every time you visit.  We work to provide our guests with quality products and a quality experience, in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.  Whether you are a beginner or seasoned golfer, or are looking to host a golf outing our experienced staff is always happy to serve you!   If you are hosting a corporate meeting, or a couple planning a wedding reception, Madawaska Golf  will work to create an “Experience Worth Repeating!”

All You Can Play Everyday 

All_you_Can_Play_2Madawaska is pleased to announce our NEW "ALL YOU CAN PLAY EVERYDAY" SPECIAL.  That's right you can now play as many holes as you would like each and every day of the season for your one low green fee price.  Why pay to just play 18 holes as you do at most other courses, when you can play 27, 36 or as much as you like every day at Madawaska.  We want to ensure that you our customer continues to receive great value when you come to Madawaska and by letting you play as much as you like we think we have accomplished our goal of the greatest value available to you in Canadian Golf.

 Note:  Our All You Can Play Everyday Special is based on the following conditions:
1.  All additional rounds of golf are based on availability that day only and at the discretion of the Madawaska Golf Course.
2.  Only your first round of golf for the day may be booked on the starting sheets and any additional rounds can only be booked once the first round has been completed.
3.  All players or groups wishing to play additional holes must check in with the golf shop staff to ensure that a time is available before they proceed and must present their original receipt to show proof of payment of original round that day.
4.  Based on availability all players understand there could be some delay before your group is able to continue to play.
5.  Additional usage of a power cart is not considered a part of this program and is paid for separately based on the rate set by the course
6.  The All You Can Play Offer is Not Valid with any type of Green Fee Specials, Coupons, Discounts or Third Party Promotions.





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